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  • We love Amor et Psyché, the candles are lovingly made and hand poured by Lex to the highest quality and her scents are amazing. Everyone who comes into our shop wants to know what we are burning, we all have our favourites’ and mine tends to change daily to whatever candle is being burnt that day.

    Lex is such a delight to work with and always brightens our day with her visits to check that everything is going well with her products as she cares so much about her candles.

    Angela McGlashan

    McGlashan Interiors
  • From beginning to end our experience working with Lex and her nose was exhilarating, joyous and ultimately very productive. We are totally thrilled with our candles and have had an incredible reaction from our customers.

    So looking forward to inventing our new flavours!

    Christina Strutt

    Cabbages & Roses
  • I have worked with Lex for many years and a more delightful, funny, hard-working and talented personality would be very hard to find. Right from the very start she treated me as a friend - and we have indeed become very close.

    Lex gave the same warm affection to my partner Kate from the moment she met her. Kate and I know that Lex is a friend for life.

    Our working relationship has benefited enormously from this approach. Lex is incredibly good at what she does, her products are simply first class - it is a pure pleasure to work with her.

    Chris Smith

    Graphic Designer
  • I've enjoyed working with Lex for a number of years, her eye for detail and drive for perfection has helped to create a wonderful product. I look forward to working with Amor et Psyché in the future.

    Simon Fletcher

  • I am a scented candle and diffuser fiend although I do prefer diffusers because other than turning the reeds upside down to release new fragrance once a week... They are easy! I have just discovered this amazing company Amor et Psyché and I can not rave enough about them. My home smells divine and the scents are so natural and uplifting it is a pleasure doing chores and moving around the house!

    I have even used one of the diffuser packaging box bases as a make-up brush holder, way too pretty and well made to simply discard... Happy girl on a windy dull day.

    Sirah Parkes

    Georgian home renovator and chartered surveyor
  • Mirabelle has arrived. What a glorious fragrance, you said I'd like it and you're correct. Congratulations on creating something special, a sublime fragrance.

    I'm also pleased it's perfume created and made in the UK.

    Mrs Carolyn Mellor

  • This is such a lovely product, one that not only works - which to be honest there are plenty of scented candles and diffusers on the market that are so weak they are a complete waste of money, believe me I've tried many - whereas Amor et Psyché products are well worth the outlay because they simply smell divine. I particularly like Frankincense and Myrrh at this time of year.

    Also Lex is such a nice person to deal with, an absolute bonus!

    Gillian Smyth

    Customer, Essex