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About Amor et Psyché

The first flame of Amor et Psyché took light in Paris while exploring my other passions perfumery and books. Here I found and fell in love within a romantic and enlightened world. From the streets of St. Germain to the sanctuary of the Shakespeare and Company bookshop, I felt my ideas coming together. The beauty of a candle is within its scent and its science, I travelled to Grasse and Paris to learn all I could about traditional and modern perfumery.


From hot distillation to enfleurage. I discovered that as well as a passion for making candles I had a love for making scents. Scents inspired by those very streets I had just travelled. I returned to London determined to create candles with scents that evoked either powerful memories or were present when new memories were being created. There is a sculpture in The Louvre depicting the moment Psyché is awoken with a kiss by Cupid. The moment you light an Amor er Psyché candle its flame kisses the room and awakens it from its sleep.

We love working with our customers to create private orders. So if you love a scent we haven't displayed or would like us to create a personalised scent as a truly unique gift, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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Amor et Psyché artwork is designed by Lex Lane and sent to dear friends of Amor et Psyché, Mr Chris Smith and Mr Tony Coyle. They then produce the beautiful art you see on our products.