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Science and Nature

Finding the balance between science and nature.

As Amor et Psyché candles are made using botanical Soya Wax and Eco Wicks, we are sometimes asked if all of our products are 100% natural. The answer to this is no and for good reason. We use natural wax, and wicks and our scents are mostly natural essential oils but they also include extremely clever, man made ingredients that help natural products from decaying and wasting.

You need around 3.5 million blossoms of Jasmine to yield just one pound of essential oil and that doesn’t make very many candles at all. The process of creating perfume in a laboratory takes a lot of expertise, plenty of time and is a true art that must be mastered.  It is also important to note that, it is illegal to buy or sell Ambergris as it causes the hunting and killing of Sperm Whales. Without scientists no one could experience this ethereal scent and many perfumes would simply not exist.

Amor et Psyché aim to find a sensible balance between science and nature when making all of our products. We believe in embracing our natural and individual style. AetP candles are classic, rustic and handmade to Lex’s unique formula. Our scents in our perfumes, candles and diffusers are a healthy mixture of ingredients. The best of both to help our products prosper but also to preserve their goodness.