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Our Ingredients

EcoSoya Wax

  • 100% vegetable – made with pure soybean oil
  • Botanical, natural and biodegradable
  • Free from petroleum and paraffin
  • Free from pesticides and herbicides
  • Not subjected to animal testing.



ECO wicks work very well with natural waxes. The treated paper threads combined with a advanced braiding technique give the ECO series superior stability without the need for a core. This combination enhances the self-trimming effect and reduces mushrooming, soot and smoke.


Our Candle, Perfume & Reed Diffuser scents

A perfectly delicate blend of natural and man made scents. The best of both to help our products prosper but also preserve their goodness. The process of creating perfume in a laboratory takes a lot of expertise, plenty of time and is a true masters art. It is also important to note that, it is illegal to buy or sell Ambergris as it causes the hunting and killing of Sperm Whales. Without scientists no one could experience this ethereal scent and many perfumes would simply not exist.


Our Packaging

  • Our packaging is all handmade and recyclable.


Candle dimensions

  • Burn time = 50+ hrs
  • Height = 9.5 cm
  • Width = 9 cm